Our Rescued Weimaraners' New Life!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Main Man Ortiz

Diesel and His Booties

Here are a few clips of Diesel learning to walk with his new booties. His paw pads were so raw when he was first rescued... poor thing :o(  Even though it was awkward for him to learn how to walk with them at first, I believed they helped a lot! They kept his paw pads clean and padded. Along with some daily anti-biotic ointment this boy's paws are almost good as new! 

These 3 short clips were all taped on the same day. It didn't take him long to figure out how to maneuver in the booties. One thing we learned pretty quickly was to be sure they were fastened nice n snug! 

This was also the time we had discovered his real name. We were still in amazement how that all happened! Notice in the clips how quickly he responds to his name! We have no doubt in our minds!




Diesel Gets Comfy

Oh, Diesel...Watching you come out of your shell and seeing you enjoy life has warmed our hearts. What a good boy you are :o)

Ummm and yes, that is Ortiz wearing a Hawaiian lei. Don't tell him I posted the picture. He'd be embarrassed...