Our Rescued Weimaraners' New Life!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Making a Splash!

Here's a short clip of The Sunshine Boyz's first dip in our backyard pond. I'm not kidding when I say it's short... it's 14 seconds!

Carbo, Ortiz and the Turtle

When what to my wondering eyes should appear 
but a turtle and two curious weimaraners!  

We have 10+ acres and there's always something interesting for The Sunshine Boyz to discover :o)

What? CATS?!

Carbo and Ortiz have 2 feline brothers, Spiro and Saki. Oddly enough, they share Ortiz's exact same blue color, but that certainly hasn't been enough to sprout brotherly love... Spiro (pictured) has always been the king, the ruler, the boss. Both kitties were raised with a big ole sloppy mastiff, Hans (RIP) so they really have no fear of dogs. I kinda wish they had just a wee-bit of fear! The picture below is of Spiro showing the Sunshine Boys that he could care less about them and their size. 

First Spiro gave them the stare down then he set himself on his favorite spots and refused to look at them. He'd yawn and roll around as if he hadn't a care in the world. Carbo was curious and playful in his approach. Ortiz on the other hand was locked in a trance only interrupted by a shallow pant. I should mention that the boys were on leashes the entire time. I am no dummy!!

No one or nothing could break Ortiz's trance, not even food! We decided the best approach would be to house Spiro and Saki in our bedroom and begin kittie desensitization training daily.

We've made some slow and steady progress. I'm confident that one day, I will post a picture of all four of them napping together ;o)

Carbo and The Stairs of Doom

Carbo handles all staircases very well, except for the steps down to the basement... Yet he keeps trying! One day he'll overcome his fear!

Ortiz and His Toy

All through the rescue process, Ortiz was never interested in any toys or playing, at all :o(   I bought a variety of toys from them both and I think today we may have a winner!!

The Sunshine Boyz's Story

A week ago, Carbo and Ortiz joined our family and immediately our lives changed, for the better. Carbo and Ortiz are Weimaraners whose owner passed away in a tragic car accident. A relative of the deceased placed the boys in a local dog rescue, Tri-State Weimaraner Rescue. From there, they went to live with their loving foster parents who helped them move past their loss and regain some joy of life. They were put up for adoption as a pair and our family, by some cosmic good fortune, came across their story.  We instantly knew that they were the missing pieces to make our family complete.

This blog is dedicated to our Sunshine Boys.